Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Palm Beach Post Blog and Thanks

Hi all,

Greg Stepanich from the Palm Beach Post has written a nice blog entry on the concert here.
A story in the print version of the Palm Beach Post is scheduled for the end of the week!

Also, we would like to acknowledge several individuals and organizations that have contributed financially to help make this concert possible. Without them, we would simply not be able to bring this exciting concert to the people of South Florida.

Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs
State of Florida Cultural Affairs
Audrey Love Charitable Foundation
Josephine B. Adams Charitable Fund
Randy Gage

Thank you! We also have literally dozens of individuals to thank for their encouragement, in-kind assistance, and belief in our exciting collaboration with Ground Up and Rising. Thank you to everyone who is helping us to further our mission!

Can't wait to see you, and a packed house this weekend!


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